1. Ontario Womens Hockey Association (OWHA), rules and regulations will apply.
  2. Body Checking / Body Contact:
    • There will be NO BODY CHECKING OR CONTACT during this tournament.

    This is a ‘Fun Tournament’

  3. All players must:
    • check in thirty minutes prior to the start of their first game, they must register with tournament headquarters table
  4. Each team must be prepared to start each game up to 10 minutes early if the ice time permits.
  5. Each team will consist of a minimum of 7 players and one goalie, and not exceed 15 players. If a team with only 7 skaters, has a player injured or suspended during the tournament, they will be permitted to carry on.
  6. Only players registered for the first game will be eligible to play the remainder of the tournament (exceptions will be made if the team notifies the organisers before the day of the tournament).
  7. Players can play on only one team in the tournament. (Except for a goalie or if an organiser has asked the individual).
  8. All decisions made by the tournament executives shall be final and without appeal.
  9. Dressing rooms shall be assigned to the team upon registration.
  10. Fighting will result in an immediate and automatic tournament ejection.
  11. Any player receiving 3 stick penalties will result in immediate and automatic game ejection. Tournament organisers reserve right to determine any additional or subsequent discipline.
  12. Persistent lack of control exhibited by a team will result in ejection of the team from the tournament.
  13. No Slapshots. If a slap shot is taken play is stopped and the player that took the slapshot will serve a minor penalty.
  14. All games will be 50 minutes run time, including a 5 minute warm up, and a 5 minute intermission at 25 minutes.
  15. In the event of a tie in the finals, there will be a shootout.  If the game is still tied after 5 shooters, the rest of the team is eligible to participate until a winner is pronounced by sudden death. No player can shoot a second time until the entire roster has had one shot.
  16. Teams will be awarded points in the following manner: 2 points for a win. 1 point for a tie.
  17. Ties will be broken as follows:
    i. Refer to the game played between the two teams. If still tied;
    ii. Least penalty minutes (PM). If still tied;
    iii. Team that scored the first goal in head to head will be awarded first place. If still tied;
    iv.Best costume and/or mascot. If still tied;
    v. First team to have all its players at the bar after the game. If still tied;
    vi. In the event that two teams are still tied, then a coin toss will determine first place.
  18. Home team for championship game will be decided by the team with the most points. If tied, see Rule #17.
  19. Mercy rule – A team may not score more than 5 goals over their opponent, any goal above 5 will not be counted.
  20. Teams must be prepared to start the game 5 minutes after zamboni leaves the ice! – This includes the time for opening handshakes.
  21. REFEREES decisions are FINAL. Appeals of any kind must be submitted in writing  within ONE hour of the finish of the game to which the appeal or protest applies.
  22. Coaches or Captains Responsibilities. Coaches or Captains will be responsible for the actions of the players both on and off the ice. Foul language, rough play in the rink or any damage to the facilities will not be tolerated. Offenders will be subject to game suspensions and/or ejection from the tournament.
  23. Tournament Format: The Tournament Convener reserves the right to change the format of the tournament should it be deemed necessary.